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Science Fiction/Double Feature


Anael Sun (they/he) is a multidisciplinary performance artist with roots in acting, singing, and costume design. Raised throughout California with a lifelong devotion to music and performing, their genre bending style fuses r&b, indie rock, and theatricality to create a sound wholly their own.


They have recently performed and directed for Slugs in Fishnets, a Santa Cruz based Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast essential to the quirky town’s culture. Alongside that, they starred in new musical The Artificial Woman and various short films, including award-winning sci-fi thriller Mind Over Matter.


Damnit, Janet

Annelyse DeMuch (she/her), co-founder of Fever Dream, is excited to finally put her musical theatre degree to use! Since graduating with a degree in acting and directing, she has gone on to do absolutely nothing in that field. She does, however, love a good karaoke night.

Aside from her theatre hobby, she owns a vintage clothing shop (vending outside in the vendor village!) and spends the rest of her time running Fever Dream with her business partner. She is so glad you're here tonight and excited to perform, once again, along side of Michael Solomon. Enjoy the show!



Michael Solomon (he/him) is an actor currently coming off of wrapping his second Netflix show. His first one, "Boo, Bitch" just came out this summer. The next, currently untitled, will be released some time next year. Now that he's done shamelessly plugging himself, he's excited to wake back up his singing muscles and propose to his one and only, Janet.


Over at the Frankenstein Place

Mx. Mayhem (they/fae) is a faegender multi-dimensional artist with focuses on somatic dance, handmade/upcycled clothing, and hypnotic/psychedelic visuals to entice you into the fae realm ;^P Inspired by the blissful feeling of witnessing & being witnessed by Earth, Wind, Fire & Water, Mx. Mayhem calls on each element to hold them & their audience in a creative wonderland.



Time Warp

Chey Rose.JPG

Chey Rose They/Them- campy, cunty, sparkle demon.


15 Minute Intermission

Enter our raffles (announcing first winner at next intermission), check out the vendor village, or get a drink/snack! The show will continue shortly.


Sweet Transvestite

Warumono (he/him)

     Burlesque, drag, and fire, oh my! An award winning performer, Warumono is gender fuckery at its finest. How bad can he possibly be?



I Can Make You a Man


Jude (Lady Blue) (she/they) is an artist and dancer. She’s been on the nightlife pole circuit for about 2 years now and loving every second of it. Fascinated with the fun of burlesque and the tact of dancing, the pole has been the perfect outlet to create a fun and sexy atmosphere. Jude is also heavily interested in bringing pole to queer scenes like Fever Dream LA!

Hot Patootie

Izye (she/they) is a 21 year-old singer, songwriter, and producer from the San Francisco Bay Area where music has been around her all her life. Her smooth R&B feel and Pop powerhouse vocals make her a perfect mix of her influences: Ariana Grande, Tinashe, JoJo, and Kehlani. She is now based in Los Angeles.



Touch-A-Touch-A-Touch Me


Shev (she/they) is an actor, writer, and dancer currently based in Los Angeles. She graduated with a BFA in theatre and performance from Emerson College, and currently creates video content for The Happy Broadcast on TikTok and Instagram. You can see her in "Comic Potential" with The Yard Theater troupe every Saturday in East Hollywood.


CJ (they/them) is a conceptual artist who challenges gender conceptions and power structures in their work. They have been dancing for many years and started pole dancing in 2022.



15 Minute Intermission

Announcing our first raffle winner! If you didn't win, don't worry, we will be announcing two more winners throughout the night!




Robert Morgans (he/they) is recently back on the scene and is still a drag king made of bloody guts and chaotic energy, ready to bring his all and then some to Fever Dream. When not in drag and lip-syncing to other people’s music, Rob goes by Morgan Roberts, makes music of their own, and produces their new concert experience, GENREFLUID.


Rose Tint My World

Dan (thatupsidedownbitch) (she/her) is a pole dancer, aerialist, and hand-balancer. She spent 8 years as a circus performer before focusing on pole and handstands. Since the pandemic, Dan has been experimenting with burlesque chair dancing combined with hand-balancing.



I’m Going Home


Xochii de la Noche (she/they) is the multi-dimensional bruja of play and pleasure ready to entice, enchant, and excite. Careful, don’t let her radiant smile and alluring eyes fool you! This midnight beauty can make your every fantasy and wish come true - or bring a curse upon you for generations to come.


Super Heroes


Lucky is currently a stripper in the valley. They love what they do and so do the old men.




A$H Photo 2022.JPG

Ash McCormick, known on LA nightlife stages as A$H, is a multi-genre DJ based in Los Angeles. Growing up around many different types of music, Ash combines multiple genres during live sets to create an exciting live performance for many varying types of crowds. The DJ has been seen previously at events such as Poler Night’s WhoVille, DEFCON 2019, and Premier League Fan Fest 2021. Ash currently has residencies at Townhouse Venice and Sunset Rooftop. Previously Ash has performed at venues such as Revolver Weho,  Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, L.A. Live, and Paris Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas. For all the latest info on current and future shows, follow A$H on Instagram @whatsupash. 

Baby Kush (she/they), one of the co-founders of Fever Dream, is a DJ based in LA.  A lover of house and bass music, Baby Kush aims to create more queer spaces within the EDM community. She curates music for the girls, gays, and theys to feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor.


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